Animals have been my number one love since I was old enough to talk. I have grown up with dogs and have always had a soft spot for them. In 1999 I rescued my first Pit bull and named her Daliela. After learning about the breed and the bad rap that follows them, I decided to volunteer and put my mark on helping animals. I moved to Arizona in 2000 and volunteered for a no kill shelter. I wanted to do all I could to ensure the animals rescued received the love, shelter, food and care they so desperately needed. To expand my knowledge I have taken training classes such as Dog 101 in Arizona, along with other educational workshops.

I moved back to California in 2010 and adopted my dog Jack, a terrier mix breed. I want to provide the ultimate pet care experience by accommodating any special requirements you may have. After all our pets deserve the very best care, attention, structure and definitely lots of love.

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